The Creepiest Gifts Celebrities Have Received From Their Fans

Posted by:Erin Waters Posted on:Sep 27,2016

Celebrities have it rough at times when it comes to their fan-base, especially if they receive some creepy gifts from them which can be downright scary. Remember in one episode of Keeping the Kardashians: where one of Jenner girls received a pizza with a note in the box from a fan which scared the living daylights out of one of all of them?
That was creepy, they had to call the pizza restaurant that delivered it, talk to the manager and forewarn them what had just happened. Creepy, yes, but this is common in Hollywood. There are numerous of celebrities who’ve received the creepiest gifts from their fans.
Here are some of the creepiest gifts that have gone through some of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities and scared them so much they had to call authorities to figure out what they had just received.
Some of the creepiest gifts celebrities have received from their fans with love and admiration are so bizarre that you may think it’s unreal. Whether they’re human body parts, or undies, they are the weirdest, scariest, and creepy to fathom. Read on if you dare!

1. Avril Lavigne

When Lavigne was in Japan, she was asked what the weirdest gift she ever received from any one of her fans. She replied without any hesitance, “a dead rabbit”. Now, this is not good luck to receive a dead rabbit, maybe a rabbit’s foot, but not a dead rabbit! This seems like a Fatal Attraction scene all over again.

2. Harry Styles

For a boy band, there’s always going to be some creepy gifts from fans. This one takes the cake according to Styles when he received this gift. Not only did Styles receive a creepy gift, but grotesque too. He received a “a sanitary [napkin] with [his] name written on it.” Used or not, that’s gross and creepy to receive anything that’s supposed to be used for a female’s reproductive parts which was meant for her period, period.

3. Jared Leto

Leto received a note with his creepy gift and it wasn’t a box of chocolate, or jewelry, but it was close to earrings.It was a human ear with a note which read, “Are you listening?”. What’s more is that he kept it and made it into a necklace! He poked a hole in it and wore it around his neck! Is it the fan or the celebrity that should be considered creepy in this case or what?

4. Zac Efron

Now, Efron received something more grotesque and creepy from a fan which showed no sense at all. He received a “piece of skin” from his fan. This is not good. What did this fan intend on proving with this type of gift? Nevertheless, it apparently was one of the sickest types of gifts to date for him, surely.

5. Jonas Brothers

What’s creepy is that this boy-band received no note, just the creepy gift. A baby shark preserved in a tube was the gift. And with no “logic” behind this, it could only mean that the fan either loved sea life, or that he/she simply wanted some attention. They sure did get the attention.

6. Norman Reedus

This Walking Dead’s star got a creepy gift alright. Like Leto, he kept the gift; this creepy gift was a “breast implant” of all things. It’s said that he uses it as a “phone holder” simply to illustrate the many uses of these implants, besides being meant for breasts.

7. Dolly Parton

Now this one is the “creepiest of them all” sofar in Hollywood history. Back in the 70s, Dolly had to contact the Department of Health and Human Services to pick this cute/creepy gift up.
The creepiest fan gave Dolly “a baby”. The fan left the “so-called” gift at her front gate. The baby’s name, Jolene, which was, hopefully, given to a nice and loving home; a home that would be a little more accepting to the baby’s nurturing needs. What the fan wanted here was Dolly to keep and nurture the baby for herself. Creepy for the fan, for Dolly, and for little ol’ Jolene whom had the name given to her after one of Dolly’s song’s “Jolene”.
The price for fame
We have to see the humor in it since celebrities should know that they did sign up to be in the public eye once they got to Hollywood-land. What did they expect? Whether it’s their birthday or not, some are bound to get some of the creepiest gifts they’d ever imagine, but then again, this is the price for fame and fortune as they climb the ladder to success.
Finally, next time you get a gift from an admirer, be fortunate that it isn’t going to be some animal, live or dead, or a human body part, or much less, a human!

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