The Most Expensive And Craziest Celebrity Birthday Parties Ever

Posted by:Erin Waters Posted on:Sep 27,2016

craziest-celebrities-birthday-parties-everIt’s a typical world of the rich and famous, an alien world to a large chunk of the global population who would gasp in horror at the drop of a hat at the cost of hosting a party for a celebrity. Not a party, but A Party. Especially when the figures exceed six or more to ensure a single event will be the most memorable it can possibly be. As they say, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” or in this case “spend it” on a one sometimes (three) day celebration.

Some of the highest paid celebrities don’t blink an eye lash when it comes to investing in a single event that will ensure the tabloids won’t bypass them and instead come running, cameras flashing. Some in fact make certain that the entire world knows they’re about to throw the most expensive, the craziest birthday party one could ever imagine. It is nothing to them to spend an outrageous amount of money that far exceeds the wage of the average Joe or politician for that matter. Others like to give their parties a little mystery and often fly their guests, in private Lear jets to far off mystical islands where the birthday girl or boy can enjoy an event that can go on for days.



Some of the Most Expensive, Craziest Birthday parties belong to:

10. Baby faced socialite Paris Hilton who insists on being the center of the universe, spoiled her guests by spending a whopping $75 thousand (of her massive inheritance) on each guest as she flew them from the United States to Japan and London to help her celebrate her 21st birthday. She promised them it would be one that she and her guests would always remember. It was.

9. If you’re British, a supermodel and your name is Naomi Campbell and you’ve quit throwing phones as your maids, and you’re about to turn 36 there’s no time like the right time for a birthday celebration. For a three day stay for her and her celebrity friends, she rented the 18-floor Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai for a timely sum of 1.8 million.

8. David Brooks, an Israeli defense contractor, spoiled his 13 year old daughter with a party she would never forget and one he forgot to pay for. Elizabeth asked Aerosmith, Ciara and Stevie Nicks to perform live for her. Daddy David spent $10 million on his daughter where in the Rainbow Room in New York City the band members performed having been flown in on her father’s company jet. He spent in the vicinity of $10 million and shortly after, Mr. Brooks was arrested for embezzling company funds.

7. When one (unknown) millionaire held a private party in New York, he asked the Eagles to sing their hit song, “Hotel California”. They played their classic for him and thereafter charged him $6 million which they split among band members.

6. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise spent $100,000 on their daughter, Suri’s birthday. They filled the party room with 1000 butterflies, $17 thousand dollars worth of fresh flowers and spent a staggering $45 thousand on catering while the birthday cake set them back a cool $5 thousand. Don’t forget the cupcakes from the Little Sprinkles bakery in Los Angeles at $230. Where’s a little girl gonna put all that food?

5. You either love him or hate Simon Cowell particularly when he’s forthright, but when you’ve got what it takes and you’re turning 50, you have every right to spend $1.6 million on your birthday party. 400 of his A-list celebrity friends all arrived dressed to the nines in limos to wish Simon many happy returns as they passed the Cowell shark tank and listened to Rat Pack impersonators for entertainment.

4. Oprah joined her birthday celebrations with her friend Bob Veloz’ who was turning 80 while she turned an elegant 60. An extravagant party fit for, well Oprah, brought in 200 close friends who included Robert Redford and Carol Burnett to Bacara Resort and Spa in Santa Barbara. The employees were forbidden to walk near the event and all the entrances were barricaded. Needless to say so was the cost.

3. Tacky to say the least was the wild party of Miley Cyrus who for her 21st birthday at Beacher’s MadHouse in Hollywood along with the A-listers, included blow up dolls for her party goers, strippers and a birthday cake; a huge replica of a naked Miley. Narcissistic perhaps, but hopefully she won’t kill herself on the huge $24 thousand dollar motor bike her father gave her for the occasion.

2. Nobody loves bling more than Kim Kardashian and it would have been a memorial moment had Kim Kardashian blown out the candles on her $1 million birthday cake made from diamonds on her 30th birthday. She cancelled it. Ironically she refused saying that a cake worth that would be a little bit tactless. Oh puleeeease!

1. Turning 50 deserves a real party and the Sultan of Brunei’s 50th birthday party in 1996 was considered the most expensive when Michael Jackson performed privately for the Sultan and his guests while they drank champagne and caviar. At an obscene tune of $27.2 Million, the employees of the Civil service were given increases in their wages, a fitting, yet overdue gift in over twenty years. It remains one of the most expensive and craziest birthday parties ever.

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